Healthy diet to maintain brain function and prevent Alzheimer's

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Healthy diet to maintain brain function and prevent Alzheimer's

Problems with brain function and memory development are closely related to the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Recently, researchers have found a link between a healthy diet with a lower level risk of Alzheimer's disease due to lower levels of brain chemicals and reduces the risk of memory problems.

The study published in Archives of Neurology, aims to determine the effects of a healthy diet on biomarker (chemical indicators) for Alzheimer's disease in the brain. The study explains that a healthy diet for adults without cognitive impairment could eliminate Alzheimer's biomarkers by looking in the disease pre-symptomatic level. While a low fat and wholegrain could prevent Alzheimer's disease for those at risk of Alzheimer's, such as obesity. In addition, the low fat and low glycemic also good for memory performance.

Low saturated fat and low glycemic foods are includes fruit, vegetables but not potatoes, and whole grains like steel cut oats or brown rice. And avoid foods with high saturated fat such as red meat, butter and cheese. Also avoid high glycemic foods such as biscuits, white bread, cakes, white rice, table sugar and soft drinks.