Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Orthopedists take bone freezing technique to treat cancer

Brazilian doctors are using a freezing technique to treat bone cancer. Although little used in Brazil, the method was developed in Japan, where it is routinely applied 13 years ago. Works as follows: the doctor cuts the diseased bone, "stripping" the tumor is out, scrape the tumor is inside the bone and have the material for pathological analysis.

Then bone "clean" is dipped into a tank with liquid nitrogen, where it remains for 25 minutes at a temperature of -193 ° C. Thereafter, the bone is removed and dipped in distilled water at room temperature to thaw and be reimplanted in the patient. Freezing kills the diseased cells and healthy.

Conventional treatment of bone cancer typically includes chemotherapy sessions and performing surgery to remove the diseased bone. Once in place, the patient receives a metal prosthesis or bone donor (coming from a bone bank).

"The most common is to use prostheses because there are few bone banks in the country The advantage of freezing is that it uses the patient's own bone, with perfect anatomical fit," said Walter Meohas, an oncologist at the National Cancer Institute (Inca ) and head of oncology at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (Into).

Here, for now, few centers know and use the technique of freezing. The pioneer was the orthopedic oncology Marcio Moura, Curitiba, who performed the first surgery of its kind in 2003, the Hospital das Clinicas, Federal University of Parana (UFPR).

Since then he has operated and 67 patients had no recurrence of the tumor in the bone, just had a recurrence in soft tissue. At least 12 of these patients operated for over five years, never had problems again walk normally and therefore are considered cured of bone cancer.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby with six legs struggle to survive in Pakistan

Doctors are trying to save him to a hospital in Karachi. A baby born with six legs in a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. The deformity put the baby's life at serious risk, and doctors are fighting to save him.

The image was made in the hospital ICU Pakistan, where he is hospitalized, and it was released by the National Institute of Child Health in the country. The six legs are the result of a rare genetic condition, hospital officials explained.

As has been previously known that an unusual child was born in the city of Sukkur in Pakistan. The little boy was born Friday with no fewer than six legs, according to local media.

Both mother and child stated, however, feel good, even if the hospital keeps an extra eye on him.

According to his father Imran Sheikh, who works as a radiology technician, he is their first child.

Appeals for help

For treatment of the rare congenital anomaly, the family referring physicians at the local hospital to a more modern hospital in Karachi. There, the boy would be able to get the superfluous legs surgically removed. But the surgery is considered to be very costly.

According to Imran Sheikh, the family is hard up financially, and therefore he call for help. "I appeal to the philanthropists and the authorities to come forward for the child's treatment", he said to Pakistani media.
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tattoo do bald hair to hide the baldness

Cheaper solution than the implant is beginning to be used by men. Most men suffer a lot when you start to go bald. For those who want to find a way but can not spend too much money on implants and treatments - came a peculiar alternative: get a tattoo in the shape of hair on the head.

The output, known as MHT (Micro Hair Technique) is becoming so popular in England that the number of supporters increased 20% last year, according to British newspaper Daily Mail.

There, a transplant goes for about $ 68,000 (25,000 pounds). Since the tattoo is for $ 5,400 (2,000 pounds) - and cheaply.

The technique was developed by Ian Watson, in a curious case: after the tragic death of his brother Paul at age 32 because of cancer, he asked the widow and ex-sister to pick up the smallest pen that had the hair and draw bald head of the deceased - who lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

After much research, Ian began to take the idea forward, with specialists in hair loss and also with experts in semi permanent makeup. It worked. Now it will open clinics in Europe and the United States.
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Newborn survives heart surgery 17 hours after birth

Before the operation 11 hours, she was only 15% chance of life. A baby less than a day old became the youngest person to undergo a heart surgery that is needed to open the heart. Jasmine Carr was only 15% chance of survival when surgeons operated 17 hours and a half hours after she was born. Information is the DailyMail.

The child is now out of intensive care in the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, the parents John and James expect her to come home until April. Alcohol present in wine is also beneficial to the heart. She leaves the hospital where received heart fell to the ground.

Mexican medical leave for heart transplantation fall. The couple discovered that Jasmine suffered from a syndrome called hypoplastic left heart, where a party fails to form properly, when the pregnancy was 20 weeks.

The doctors then had to induce labor at 37 weeks, and Jasmine was born with a heart the size of a walnut. At birth, the doctors opted for emergency surgery, leaving the terrified parents.

"To hear that your daughter has little chance of life is the most painful thing you can hear as a mother," said the mother of Jasmine.

Asif Hasan, one of the doctors who operated on Jasmine, re-plumbed the heart and trained the right to do the work left in an operation 11 hours. But Jasmine suffered a cardiac arrest the next day and had to spend nearly three months in intensive care.

Then she was finally transferred to the ward just before Christmas last year and doctors are now confident of a full recovery. Last Monday she underwent another operation to widen an artery and their parents wait to take her home in the coming months.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Bacteria that eats human flesh almost kills British tennis

Level of infection is so high that it has killed three out of four who contract. The tennis star Kate White, 32, contracted a bacteria that scares even the doctors. Its main symptom is to leave the skin looking discolored, as if it were being slowly devoured.

'Miracle' saves mother and baby from a coma with severe

Before falling into a coma and almost dying on the level of infection, Kate came to think that small wounds with pus that appeared on her left elbow was a reaction to an insect bite. But why do not heal quickly, Kate went to the hospital where she was given a sling to support and prescribed pain medicine. What did not work.

Days later with a blistering pain, she returned to hospital where she lapsed into a coma. It was then that doctors discovered that Kate had necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial infection that destroys skin and soft tissues beneath it, including fat and the tissue covering the muscles.

The condition is often referred to as "flesh-eating bacteria", because it spreads through soft tissue, releasing toxins that destroy tissue. But little is known about risk factors for infection.

Surgeons spent four days cutting out the infected flesh around the arm of Kate in an attempt to prevent the infection from spreading. But before the surgery, Kate's family had to sign a declaration allowing doctors to amputate her arm to save her life. According to the doctors this type of infection that kills, on average, three out of four people who get it, and it had already infested the arm of Kate.

About a week later, Kate came out of the coma. "The doctors told me they had never seen someone as sick as I, who had survived. I'm lucky to be alive",Kate said.
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Food influence the mental capacity of the elderly

Elderly people whose blood has higher levels of certain vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids maintain their mental capacity and memory longer, a study released on Wednesday.

It found that older people who consume these vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids do not experience a reduction in the volume of his brain, a phenomenon typically observed in people suffering from Alzheimer's.

Published in the Nov. 28 issue of Neurology, the study determined that high levels of vitamin B, C, D and E, as well as omega 3, found mainly in fish, have positive effects on mental health and the rest of the body .

"This approach shows clearly the biological and neurological effects, good and bad, linked to different levels of nutrients in the blood," said Maret Traber, Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, in the northwestern United States.

"The vitamins and nutrients you would get by eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and fish can be measured with the aid of blood biomarkers. I am convinced that these nutrients have a great potential to protect the brain and make it work better, "said Traber.

The survey also reveals that the study participants with diets rich in trans fats and acids, abundant in dairy products and fried foods, the results were worse on the cognitive test and showed significant reduction of the brain.

The researchers analyzed 104 individuals with mean age of 87 years, tested with 30 biomarkers of nutrients in the blood. Of this total, 42 also underwent magnetic resonance imaging to measure the volume of their brains.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Anti-culotte (Diet)

In an area as critical as the breeches, it is vital to reduce the volume. Get it with this diet.

View a beautiful rear depends largely feed. In particular, the presence in the diet everyday products with a high content of protein, essential to maintain muscle tone.

Just think that the buttocks as a whole, so to speak, it is precisely this (muscle) to see how far it is important to eat protein.

So if you want to lose weight or lose volume in this area, consider the following recommendations:

- Do not cut too much consumption of meat, fish and eggs. -Protein foods are the basis of the structure of our body and also of the muscles.

- When proteins are eaten in quantity not ideal, there may be different health problems, but the aesthetic is a very typical example: the sagging muscles. Several areas of the body sag and look down and get a little consistent.

- One of the most affected is the tail, for one simple reason: it is composed almost entirely of muscle, in particular a very large and powerful that is divided into three: greater gluteus, gluteus medius and gluteus smaller.

- Eat protein in an appropriate proportion causes the muscles in general and in particular to strengthen glutes, benefiting the silhouette.

- When deciding what to eat for each firm buttocks, do not neglect protein feed, they contribute to the maintenance of muscle. But do not abuse. When in doubt, follow the guidelines for a balanced daily diet: 10 to 15% protein, 20 to 25% fat and 55 to 65% of carbohydrates. Thus, there is no fail.

good ideas
Whenever you want to sweeten any food, replace sugar with artificial sweetener. In addition, at bedtime, drink a glass of milk or tea with a simple toast or two biscuits or toast Maria.
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