Avoid bad habits that could interfere with the brain works

Friday, April 22, 2011

Avoid bad habits that could interfere with the brain works

The brain is one important part of our organs which became the center for regulating and controlling movement, behavior, memory, emotions, bodily function and motoric learning. Therefore we have to keep it healthy so it can function optimally. Our daily habits unconsciously can disrupt and even destroy our brains work.

Smoking for whatever reason would be not good for the health of our body including brain health. As a result of smoking can cause the brain to shrink and eventually could reduce brain function. Smoking can also increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Eating too much can cause hardening of the arteries of the brain and can reduce the mental strength. Impact of simple overeating is a feeling lazy and sleepy, so we become less productive.

Air Pollution
The brain is one organ that requires a lot of oxygen. Too much inhaling polluted air can disrupt the work and functions of the brain.

Excessive consumption of sugar
Proved excessive sugar can interfere with absorption of nutrients needed for brain development.

Sleep deprivation
Sleep is the right time for the brain to rest and restore functions optimally . If we lack of sleep can cause brain cells to die due to flow.

Small talk
Intellectual conversations can bring good effect on the brain works.

Lack of brain stimulation
Thinking can train the brain so it can function optimally. Less thinking can make the brain shrink.