Hepatitis B more easily transmitted than HIV

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hepatitis B more easily transmitted than HIV

Just like HIV, Hepatitis B virus transmitted through blood or body fluids and causes severe liver infection or even in the chronic stage, it can cause cirrhosis of the liver which causes permanently liver tissue damage, liver malfunction or even a fatal cancer. According to WHO, Hepatitis B virus potentially 50 to 100 times more infectious than HIV, although it is not transmitted through skin contact, sweat, or tears.

The factors causing the risk of Hepatitis B such as the use of unsafe or unsterile hypodermic needles, hereditary factors of mothers suffering from Hepatitis B at birth, etc. Immunoglobulin injection is believed to reduce the risk of infection with hepatitis B.

The Engerix-B vaccine in children or adults can be very effective to provide protection against the Hepatitis B viruses up to 95 percent. But you do not be surprised if after this vaccine, your body will feeling weak, headache, nausea and swelling around the injection, because the effects of the vaccine but will not last long.