Baby with six legs struggle to survive in Pakistan

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby with six legs struggle to survive in Pakistan

Doctors are trying to save him to a hospital in Karachi. A baby born with six legs in a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. The deformity put the baby's life at serious risk, and doctors are fighting to save him.

The image was made in the hospital ICU Pakistan, where he is hospitalized, and it was released by the National Institute of Child Health in the country. The six legs are the result of a rare genetic condition, hospital officials explained.

As has been previously known that an unusual child was born in the city of Sukkur in Pakistan. The little boy was born Friday with no fewer than six legs, according to local media.

Both mother and child stated, however, feel good, even if the hospital keeps an extra eye on him.

According to his father Imran Sheikh, who works as a radiology technician, he is their first child.

Appeals for help

For treatment of the rare congenital anomaly, the family referring physicians at the local hospital to a more modern hospital in Karachi. There, the boy would be able to get the superfluous legs surgically removed. But the surgery is considered to be very costly.

According to Imran Sheikh, the family is hard up financially, and therefore he call for help. "I appeal to the philanthropists and the authorities to come forward for the child's treatment", he said to Pakistani media.