Food influence the mental capacity of the elderly

Monday, January 2, 2012

Food influence the mental capacity of the elderly

Elderly people whose blood has higher levels of certain vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids maintain their mental capacity and memory longer, a study released on Wednesday.

It found that older people who consume these vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids do not experience a reduction in the volume of his brain, a phenomenon typically observed in people suffering from Alzheimer's.

Published in the Nov. 28 issue of Neurology, the study determined that high levels of vitamin B, C, D and E, as well as omega 3, found mainly in fish, have positive effects on mental health and the rest of the body .

"This approach shows clearly the biological and neurological effects, good and bad, linked to different levels of nutrients in the blood," said Maret Traber, Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, in the northwestern United States.

"The vitamins and nutrients you would get by eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and fish can be measured with the aid of blood biomarkers. I am convinced that these nutrients have a great potential to protect the brain and make it work better, "said Traber.

The survey also reveals that the study participants with diets rich in trans fats and acids, abundant in dairy products and fried foods, the results were worse on the cognitive test and showed significant reduction of the brain.

The researchers analyzed 104 individuals with mean age of 87 years, tested with 30 biomarkers of nutrients in the blood. Of this total, 42 also underwent magnetic resonance imaging to measure the volume of their brains.