Anti-culotte (Diet)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Anti-culotte (Diet)

In an area as critical as the breeches, it is vital to reduce the volume. Get it with this diet.

View a beautiful rear depends largely feed. In particular, the presence in the diet everyday products with a high content of protein, essential to maintain muscle tone.

Just think that the buttocks as a whole, so to speak, it is precisely this (muscle) to see how far it is important to eat protein.

So if you want to lose weight or lose volume in this area, consider the following recommendations:

- Do not cut too much consumption of meat, fish and eggs. -Protein foods are the basis of the structure of our body and also of the muscles.

- When proteins are eaten in quantity not ideal, there may be different health problems, but the aesthetic is a very typical example: the sagging muscles. Several areas of the body sag and look down and get a little consistent.

- One of the most affected is the tail, for one simple reason: it is composed almost entirely of muscle, in particular a very large and powerful that is divided into three: greater gluteus, gluteus medius and gluteus smaller.

- Eat protein in an appropriate proportion causes the muscles in general and in particular to strengthen glutes, benefiting the silhouette.

- When deciding what to eat for each firm buttocks, do not neglect protein feed, they contribute to the maintenance of muscle. But do not abuse. When in doubt, follow the guidelines for a balanced daily diet: 10 to 15% protein, 20 to 25% fat and 55 to 65% of carbohydrates. Thus, there is no fail.

good ideas
Whenever you want to sweeten any food, replace sugar with artificial sweetener. In addition, at bedtime, drink a glass of milk or tea with a simple toast or two biscuits or toast Maria.