Bacteria that eats human flesh almost kills British tennis

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bacteria that eats human flesh almost kills British tennis

Level of infection is so high that it has killed three out of four who contract. The tennis star Kate White, 32, contracted a bacteria that scares even the doctors. Its main symptom is to leave the skin looking discolored, as if it were being slowly devoured.

'Miracle' saves mother and baby from a coma with severe

Before falling into a coma and almost dying on the level of infection, Kate came to think that small wounds with pus that appeared on her left elbow was a reaction to an insect bite. But why do not heal quickly, Kate went to the hospital where she was given a sling to support and prescribed pain medicine. What did not work.

Days later with a blistering pain, she returned to hospital where she lapsed into a coma. It was then that doctors discovered that Kate had necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial infection that destroys skin and soft tissues beneath it, including fat and the tissue covering the muscles.

The condition is often referred to as "flesh-eating bacteria", because it spreads through soft tissue, releasing toxins that destroy tissue. But little is known about risk factors for infection.

Surgeons spent four days cutting out the infected flesh around the arm of Kate in an attempt to prevent the infection from spreading. But before the surgery, Kate's family had to sign a declaration allowing doctors to amputate her arm to save her life. According to the doctors this type of infection that kills, on average, three out of four people who get it, and it had already infested the arm of Kate.

About a week later, Kate came out of the coma. "The doctors told me they had never seen someone as sick as I, who had survived. I'm lucky to be alive",Kate said.