Easy tips safe from skin cancer during the summer

Friday, May 27, 2011

Easy tips safe from skin cancer during the summer

Every summer comes we will be happy to go to the beach or casual events outside which deal directly with sunlight. It's good you still consider your skin to avoid the dangers of UV rays cause skin cancer without the need to restrict your desire to have fun out there.

The skin is the outermost part and largest organ of the body that more potential for common cancer especially skin cancer. And one of the most dangerous skin cancer is melanoma due to the growth of pigment-producing cells that are not controlled. Melanoma has caused 79 percent of deaths of skin cancer.

Some simple tips to avoid the dangers of skin cancer.

-Sunbathing briefly and try to get the shelter
We do need sunlight to produce vitamin D but it's actually not so much. Simply bask about 10 minutes of unprotected skin in the morning or late afternoon. Or you can use a thicker weave clothes or darker colors and white T-shirts as sun protection factor (SPF) or use UV protection clothing products.

-Using the right SPF
Choose an SPF that can protect both from UVA and UVB rays. Medical officer recommends using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Apply about a half hour before sun exposure and repeat regularly throughout the day.

-High consumption of fruits and vegetables as antioxidants
The fruits and vegetables are very good fo our body to fight against most cancers. A topical vitamin C serum is also good as a little protection if you forget to wear sunscreen.

-Check your skin regularly to your dermatologist
At least once a month check your skin health to your dermatologist, especially when there are changes in your skin such as the mole is larger, darker, black or bleeding. Earlier known melanoma will be easier to be cured with surgery.