Stay Young and Healthy with Simple Tips

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stay Young and Healthy with Simple Tips

Stay young is to be the desire of each human being, especially women. But did you know there are some easy ways to make your skin look younger and healthier without having to use drugs?

-Avoid bad habits and eating lots of vegetables and fruit
Smoking can cause many adverse effects on our health including wrinkled skin, yellow teeth, constriction of blood vessels that block the flow of oxygen-rich blood to thin blood vessels in face and causing the face look older. Get used to eat lots of vegetables and fruit on the daily menu to combat aging molecules in the body and prevent decline in cognitive (thinking ability)

-Avoid solar radiation at noon
Sunlight during the day causing ultraviolet radiation that can break down skin cells that causes skin aging. If you're forced to be outside in the daytime use of skin protectors such as sunscreen or a hat.

-Regular exercise and drinking plenty of water
One of the benefits of sport is for blood circulation which can rejuvenate the skin and relieve skin temperature for the production of more collagen which will form the connective tissue for skin rejuvenation. Consumption of at least eight glasses of water a day can support the skin cells to work properly.

-Getting enough sleep with the correct position
Sleeping with sufficient time between 7-8 hours a day will launch a skin metabolism and increased production of the body's cells and reduce damage to proteins that will make the skin look beautiful. Sleeping position also will affects to the skin health and the best position is supine. Prone position can cause wrinkles on the face.