Lower Weight with Spicy Peppers

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lower Weight with Spicy Peppers

A compound ingredient in peppers called capsaicin that causes a spicy flavor is able to produce heat energy in our body which its the same as during exercise to burn calories, scientists revealed.

The scientists at UCLA Center for Human Nutrition said that capsaicin uses energy to increase body temperature which in turn helps to burn calories.

Research carried out by involving 34 people who want to lose weight which gave DCT pills with their meals and others placebo pills. The results have revealed that DCT pills exerted a lot more energy than those who took the dummy pills. Its revealed that the compound has a better effect to burn calories. Not only that, DCT also can burn up to twice as much energy as those who took the placebo.

Researchers also recommend just to consume some pepper in our food in order to reduce or maintain our weight rather than buy isolated DCT. Nevertheless we must also consider the ability of our stomachs to handle the excessive of spicy taste. Fortunately you can choose chilli or DCT which is lighter and more comfortable, so yo can handle their heat sensation.