Keep chewing to lose weight

Monday, August 1, 2011

Keep chewing to lose weight

Maybe you are surprised with an invitation to chew more when eating the foods to help lose weight, because previously we often hear that a lot of snacking can make a potbelly. But believe that a study in China has shown a link between more chew when eating the foods with less calories consumed as well as reduce appetite.

Logically can be explained that a person who chews more with the same amount of food will also spend more energy than people who chew less. Besides food becomes more refined, so good for digestion, according to researchers, many of chewing can be an effect on the brain to receive signals from the stomach to control appetite so makes us eat less food.

The study which conducted by the researchers at Harbin Medical University, China, explained that people who chewed food about 40 times have consumed about 12 % less calories than the people who chewed 15 times. The study that has been published on the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has involved two groups of slim and the other obese people who are given the same amount of food from pork. It is known that the obese group swallow more rapidly than slim group. Then when they were told to chew more with the same number, they consume less food.