Music Therapy Restore Talk Stroke Patients

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Music Therapy Restore Talk Stroke Patients

Harvard Medical School research has found music and singing that is used to therapy stroke patients who can no longer speak, its can rewire damage brains and restore the ability to talk to patients. The results of previous studies have mentioned that damage to the brain's speech centers did not affect the ability to sing.

Music and singing therapy trials conducted in stroke patients who can not speak are taught to put the words into a simple melody that they hit with their hands. After one exercise session is completed has resulted in patients who could say a word like "I am thirsty" .

According to Aniruddh Patel at Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, the brain music is processed in everywhere above the neck. Music involves large swathes of the brain and lighting of a place in the auditory cortex. Putting words into song can stimulate the formation of a speech connection on the right side of the brain.

The main role of music in fact is as an alternative media to engage parts of the brain that otherwise are not involved.