Babies and Sleeping - says it's "Good Night"

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Babies and Sleeping - says it's "Good Night"

Poll: In some families there is trouble at bedtime every night the kids - sleep-learning program for finding rhythm

As soon as it goes towards the evening bitching and moaning: The little ones absolutely do not want to go to bed every evening, the theater has been programmed. One in ten mother of a child under four years in a survey commissioned by the pharmacy magazine "Baby and family," stated that in her family give almost every evening in trouble with the ins-bed time of the (youngest) child (10%).

Every sixth mother (17%) reported their child had been crying almost always in the first year, when it was put to bed. Ninth each of the women surveyed (11%) in their need, therefore, has already tried a sleep-learning program, so that the child has finally found a sleep schedule.

Almost half of the mothers in the survey to remain of such worries, however, entirely immune: Many report their (youngest) child is usually so tired at night that it would voluntarily go to bed (46%). The survey was conducted by pharmacy magazine "Baby and Family" was commissioned and performed by the Panelbiz GmbH at 311 mothers with at least one child aged under four years.