The cause of trigger heart attacks may often occur

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The cause of trigger heart attacks may often occur

Sometimes we are not aware in everyday life we often do something that will trigger the risk of heart attack. The simple things that maybe we think is not serious but can trigger heart attacks.

Drinks that contained alcohol can add to the burden of heart because of increased blood pressure. Alcoholics would have a 3 times risk for heart attack.

Too much coffee
Caffeine in coffee can stimulate the heart, causing high blood flow to the muscle to be increased causing high blood pressure. This will usually be experienced by coffee addict, must be careful with the amount of caffeine consumption because it can have 1.5 times more susceptible to the risk of heart attack.

Most foods containing fat and salt
When we eat a nice meal we usually will forget the excessive amount of food we eat. This is not good for our heart because of too many foods that contain lots of fat and salt can increase blood pressure. This could increase the risk of heart attack 7 times.

Sporting activities that are too heavy
If you do not like exercising or exercising infrequently then you do the kind of heavy exercise can harm the heart and increases 3 times risk of heart attack.

Inhaling polluted air
People who live in areas prone to air pollution, especially pollution of vehicles using fossil fuels could be at risk of blockage of blood vessels. Pollution may increase the risk of heart attack 3 times.

Consumption of narcotics
Types of narcotics such as cocaine is the cause of triggering a heart attack is high. Besides banned cocaine can also increase the risk up to 24 times more heart attacks.