Therapeutic Hypothermia Improve Survival for Cardiac Patients

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Therapeutic Hypothermia Improve Survival for Cardiac Patients

Cardiac patients currently have an opportunity to protect their brains from damage by doing a new cooling therapy called Therapeutic hypothermia. Considering that this therapy is helpful for the patient, so the emergency responders in New York City will soon use it to treat the cardiac patients in U.S.

Since January 2009 about twenty hospitals in New York City have started using Therapeutic hypothermia. This therapy works by reducing the patient's body temperature associated with the oxygen requirement in the brain which become less, so it will reduce the risk of damage to brain cells. In application of this therapy will use cold packs or by injecting chilled saline solutions into patient bodies,and other more advanced techniques.

After the start to be implemented within the hospitals that is now nearly 43 of the 50 city hospitals that use it, Therapeutic hypothermia has been able to increase from 10 percent to 16.7 percent survival rate for cardiac patients. Next, the city will bring this practice into the street by an ambulance in response to the patient in order to avoid further injury.