Detect Cancer by Dog Sniff May be More Accurate

Friday, February 11, 2011

Detect Cancer by Dog Sniff May be More Accurate

In general, cancer does have a special smell that was possible even a doctor could smell it. But dogs are animals of the most expert in smell of a substance including cancer by smell from the feces of a patient suspected to have cancer.

The ability of a dog to sniff out cancer has been demonstrated by a study at the University of Kyushu in Japan. The researchers used trained dogs to sniff 38 stool samples of patients and have revealed 37 cancer samples correctly.

According to Dr Hideto Sonoda, one of the researchers, the dog has the advantage in the smell of certain chemical compounds as in cancer, so it is more accurate than human olfaction. It would be very helpful to know early-stage colon cancer that may not be done by today's modern medical equipment.

Detect cancer naturally by dog sniff without modern equipment may be more accurate ,quickly and almost no cost at all. A dog will only require a few seconds to detect cancer. If there is a more easy and safe, why do we have to wait for modern medical equipment that can replace the function of a dog in detecting cancer?


Totosgoodthings said...

I have heard of this before and recently a neighbor's dog was licking a relatives neck who has a thyroid problem. It really bothered me and he has not been tested for cancer. I need to investigate this further. Thank you for posting the article.