Breathe Through the Mouth is Harmful to Health

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breathe Through the Mouth is Harmful to Health

When your nasal congestion due to colds or other problems you will automatically breathe through the mouth. But did you know that breathing through the mouth either in the short or long term can be harmful to your health?

Breathing through the mouth in the short term usually results in dry mouth, bad breath and makes sleep less soundly. According to Dr. Yosh Jefferson, functional dentist in New Jersey, breathing through the mouth can interfere with the tonsils and adenoids, resulting in a dense sinus causing further blockage of the upper airway.

When we breathe through the mouth, the process of inhalation of oxygen is not carried through the mucous membranes in the sinuses, so it can not produce nitric oxide that the body needs for all smooth muscle, such as heart and blood vessels.

Dr. Jefferson further explains that breathing through the mouth can have more impact for children, such as causing fatigue, irritable and unable to concentrate while studying.

The worse impact in children is lead changes in facial shape or long face syndrome which is a narrow face and facial features is not very interesting. This will also affect the jaw position to be strange because the activity of inhaling oxygen.