Salt Therapy Good for Your Respiratory System

Monday, December 27, 2010

Salt Therapy Good for Your Respiratory System

Salt therapy or known as halotherapy is one alternative treatment methods from eastern Europe to cure various respiratory system disorders such as asthma, lung inflammation and allergies by inhaling the air which is mixed with salt. Inhaling steam high pressure salt (hypertonic saline) will be able to improve lung function.

Halotherapy using halite or rock minerals, especially sodium chloride salt (NaCl) that is pumped with air using halogenerator then inhaled by the patient. At first in the region of origin, halotherapy already available naturally in the caves and salt lakes like the Dead Sea on the border of Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. Adapting to modern technology, now halotherapy been popular in Europe, America and Canada.

Ron Rofe, a clinic manager of Halo Air / Salt Rooms in New York says that Halotherapy guarantee the quality of inhaled air with high levels of salt and specific humidity, which could clear the airways as well as skin and entire body surface. Halotherapy can also be used as a detox for the smokers to cope with symptoms such as cough and excessive sputum.