A lot of Caffeine Consumption can be Harmful to Eye Health

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A lot of Caffeine Consumption can be Harmful to Eye Health

If you like drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages to get rid of the sleep, its good for you to watch your caffeine intake because it can endanger to the health of your eyes. The following two eye diseases that can result from consuming too much caffeine.

The disease is usually caused by increased pressure on the eyeball (intraocular), which eventually will damage your vision system or can even cause blindness. Glaucoma Research Foundation revealed that the increase in intraocular pressure in the eye from consuming caffeine can last for three hours before returning to normal again. Visually not seen a change due to this pressure in the eye, but if the amount of caffeine consumption exceeds the limit will cause Glaucoma.

-Eyelid spasm
Eyelid spasms or twitching is one of the effects of consuming caffeine. Although this is not a serious condition, eyelid twitch can cause muscle spasms periodically over or under the eyelids. This twitch can cause frustration and we could feel the contractions. To eliminate the twitch you can reduce the intake of caffeine and stimulant effects.

Caffeine is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system and can cause side effects such as changes in heart rate, anxiety and abdominal pain. Caffeine is often contained in coffee, caffeinated sodas, tea, chocolate and even on certain drugs.


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