Prevent HIV with Bananas and Herbal

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prevent HIV with Bananas and Herbal

Until now, HIV is still threatening us and have not found an effective drug to overcome of them. It is better if we know how to prevent HIV transmission. One of ways is to use lectin contained in banana that can bind HIV-infected cells as well as prevent the replication and transmission.

Researchers from the University of Michigan have found that the banana lectin serve as a protein that binds sugar as well as binding the HIV-infected cells so that they can not reproduce. The researchers hope to use this extract lectin (Ban Tec) widely to prevent HIV transmission.

Pine cone seeds can also be used to inhibit transmission of HIV because of its high content of lignan extract. Its also can reverse the damage caused to the body by HIV-infected white blood cells. The others plants such as pokeweed and some of North American prairie plants also good for HIV-preventive effects. Plant sterol can be used to maintain healthy cells from HIV infection.

Cannabis or marijuana can be used to treat HIV-related symptoms suc as wasting syndrome, neuropathy. Another way is to use Reishi mushroom that is also frequently used by Chinese people to treat HIV. In addition to improving immune function it is also to restore the body's condition.