Obese people breath can stop hundreds of times during sleep

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obese people breath can stop hundreds of times during sleep

People with obesity especially if there is a pile of fat in the respiratory tract can interfere with breathing during sleep and even could make hundreds of times breathing stops during sleep. This of course will interfere with sleep quality in patients with obesity that will trigger other diseases.

This phenomenon is also known as obstructive sleep apnea usually experienced by people having problems with their weight. The patient will wake up suddenly during sleep with panting breath. But if the breath just stops for a moment, usually the patient will immediately fix his sleeping position automatically to channel his breath back smoothly without having to fully awake. Conversely, if the patient stops breathing during sleep a little longer, they would like people who were shocked and confused when awakened suddenly.

As a result of this sleep disorder the sufferers may experience stress, the body is not fresh, quick look tired and decreased levels of immunity that is more susceptible to infection.

Sleep disorders due to obesity or overweight can be reduced by changing behavior with a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and increasing physical activity. The next step you can take your weight loss drugs after performing the steps above. Because if we just rely on drugs alone probably also the weight will quickly rise again.