Four Toddler Died in Japan After Vaccination

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Four Toddler Died in Japan After Vaccination

Health authorities in Japan finally stop the use of meningitis and pneumonia vaccines after four toddler death case shortly after the vaccination in Japan. Meanwhile, the U.S. FDA continues to monitor the development of this case.

As ever reported in Japan Today, four toddler in Japan in different areas died in a row shortly after they get the meningitis and pneumonia vaccines. Despite all of this temporary suspension of the vaccine to toddler, but the health ministry in Japan are still not sure about the exact cause of the deaths of four toddler. Temporary suspension of vaccine use was more likely to dampen parents panic who have toddler until the investigation completed.

Actually, the body of each child already has a natural immune system, and vaccination is equally devoted to the child's body resistance. But to note that not all children around the world match to the vaccine given. Currently, the FDA will continues to monitor the safety of all vaccines, including vaccines that are made by Pfizer and Sanofi which used in Japan.