Soy could Increase the Possibility of Pregnancy up to 6 Times

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Soy could Increase the Possibility of Pregnancy up to 6 Times

For mothers who struggle to have a baby even after doing IVF (in vitro fertilization) techniques, there is now the exciting news of a study that showed the benefits of soy-based fertility techniques that increase up to 6 times the chance of pregnancy for the mothers as well as minimize the risk of miscarriage of the fetus.

In the study, a mother who has failed to use IVF techniques has managed to get pregnant by using soy-based technique using Intralipid infusion fluids containing basic substance from soybean oil. This technique is also capable of inhibiting chemical compounds that can cause miscarriage.

According to Dr George Ndukwe from Care fertility clinic in Nottingham, one in four pregnant women who are struggling to have a damaged immune system. Extra level of high white blood cell can trigger the production of chemicals that can invade the placenta or the embryo.

Research is proving almost half of the participants who failed in vitro fertilization techniques and then given intravenous fluids Intralipid and managed to get pregnant. Intralipid fluid is usually given to patients who can not eat as a substitute for food in a way inserted into the patient's blood vessels.

Furthermore, Dr. Ndukwe said that the way of pregnancy using this technique will cost cheaper and more effective to inhibit the production of hazardous chemicals. The results of this study will be presented in the British Fertility Society conference on January 6, 2011.