In pregnancy and lactation,alcohol? No thank you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In pregnancy and lactation,alcohol? No thank you!

To mark the anniversary of the alcohol-impaired child on 9 September, the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) points to the high risk of harm to children caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Each year approximately 10,000 children born in Germany with so-called fetal alcohol effects. The children are in their mental and physical development usually permanently damaged severely. By complete abstinence from alcohol during pregnancy and lactation, these obstacles can be avoided, however, to 100 percent.

"Even small amounts of alcohol can cause permanent damage to the unborn child behind. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid alcohol so completely, "says Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Pott, director of the Federal Centre for Health Education. During pregnancy, the baby through the umbilical cord is supplied with all necessary nutrients from the diet of the mother. Alcohol also passes through this path to the child, so that it quickly reaches the same alcohol level as the mother. Since the organs of the child are not fully developed, it can break down the alcohol, but much worse, his body is defenseless against alcohol-related harm.