Newborn survives heart surgery 17 hours after birth

Monday, February 6, 2012

Newborn survives heart surgery 17 hours after birth

Before the operation 11 hours, she was only 15% chance of life. A baby less than a day old became the youngest person to undergo a heart surgery that is needed to open the heart. Jasmine Carr was only 15% chance of survival when surgeons operated 17 hours and a half hours after she was born. Information is the DailyMail.

The child is now out of intensive care in the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, the parents John and James expect her to come home until April. Alcohol present in wine is also beneficial to the heart. She leaves the hospital where received heart fell to the ground.

Mexican medical leave for heart transplantation fall. The couple discovered that Jasmine suffered from a syndrome called hypoplastic left heart, where a party fails to form properly, when the pregnancy was 20 weeks.

The doctors then had to induce labor at 37 weeks, and Jasmine was born with a heart the size of a walnut. At birth, the doctors opted for emergency surgery, leaving the terrified parents.

"To hear that your daughter has little chance of life is the most painful thing you can hear as a mother," said the mother of Jasmine.

Asif Hasan, one of the doctors who operated on Jasmine, re-plumbed the heart and trained the right to do the work left in an operation 11 hours. But Jasmine suffered a cardiac arrest the next day and had to spend nearly three months in intensive care.

Then she was finally transferred to the ward just before Christmas last year and doctors are now confident of a full recovery. Last Monday she underwent another operation to widen an artery and their parents wait to take her home in the coming months.


Scott Loessin said...

God bless her with his grace i hope surgery proceed well.
Scott Loessin