Stop breast cancer tumor growth with parsley

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop breast cancer tumor growth with parsley

New research suggests you to not just use parsley as a decoration of food, but more mainstream to eat parsley to stop the growth of certain breast cancer tumor cells. The research published in Cancer Prevention Research,shows that parsley and certain other plant products such as fruits and nuts, contain a natural substance to halt certain breast cancer tumor cells from multiplying and growing.

The research team are Salman Hyder, the Zalk Endowed Professor in Tumor Angiogenesis and professor of biomedical sciences in the University of Missouri-Columbia's College of Veterinary Medicine and the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center. The study gave some rats with a particular type of breast cancer, a common compound found in parsley and other plant products called "apigenin". The rats given apigenin had shown growth of cancer tumors were much less with significant delays in tumor development compared to those rats that were not given apigenin.

According to Dr. Hyder, apigenin in parsley and celery including apples, oranges, nuts and other plant products, will blocked new blood vessel formation which has an impact on slowing and even stopping the development of tumors. It also can reduce the number of tumor but not early formation of breast cancer cells.

The discovery is expected to be a new solution that more secure than certain hormone replacement therapies. According to the researchers, the use of certain synthetic hormones in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can accelerate breast tumor development.