Overcome Ear Infection with Garlic

Friday, June 25, 2010

Overcome Ear Infection with Garlic

Other than as a cooking ingredient, garlic also contains allicin as natural antibiotic which useful for treating ear aches and ear infections quickly. Garlic will also be more efficacious with combinations of other natural ingredients.

Than can be taken orally, another way is by getting oil from the garlic, the easiest way is from pierce the garlic gel capsules. You can also get garlic oil in a way to make the pieces of garlic juice or crushed garlic.

The ability of garlic to recovery earaches and ear infections will be more effective by combining with colloidal silver, tea tree oil, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. You can use it using a towel and placed in your ear pain. To relieve pain and kill bacteria, you can blend garlic infused oils with mullein (Verbascum densiflorum).

A thing to note, the remedy that inserted into the ear should be in warm or comfortable temperature. You can warm the remedy by placing remedy mixture in the glass bottle and put into the pan with hot water until you get a comfortable temperature.